NotebookGrader makes it easy for instructors to assign and grade homework consisting of Python Jupyter Notebooks, and for students to work on such homework and receive feedback.

Notebook autograding format: NotebookGrader uses essentially the same notebook and autograding format as nbgrader, so you can easily reuse your notebooks. You can read more about the NotebookGrader notebook format.

NotebookGrader advantage: It all happens on Google Drive and Google Colab, so all students need is a browser: there is no need to install anything, students can work from any laptop/PC, and their work is fully versioned. Furthermore, students' work and its revision history are accessible to the instructors, making it easy to help the students and check on their progress.

How it works: The instructor uploads a Jupyter notebook that becomes the assignment. Students get a copy in their Google Drive when they join the assignment and can work on it in their browsers. Students can click a button and receive immediately both a grade and detailed feedback. They can request grading multiple times, up to the assignment deadline. The instructor has access to all the grades, and to all the notebooks on which the students work, making it easy to give advice and help. You can watch a demo video.

Permissions: To work, NotebookGrader needs to create Python Notebooks in the Google Drive of students (so that they can work on them) and Instructors (so that they can check that the grading is properly set up). NotebookGrader will only have access to these notebooks it creates; it will not have access to any other Google Drive file, and it will not ask to have access to any existing file or document.

Choose your role: NotebookGrader can be used by instructors and students: please choose your role using the top bar.